National Public Radio

KRCB: A Novel Idea

I had the privilege of speaking with Suzanne Lang of KRCB–producer of A Novel Idea–and this in-depth interview aired April 3, 2017. In her words, “the book is gripping, funny, and rewards with Heather’s reflection on being human on a suffering planet.” Thanks, Suzanne.

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South Carolina Focus

Tut Underwood produced this delightful 4-minute interview of Dave and me for South Carolina Focus. He uncovers how the ocean is a great teacher if people take time to learn its lessons. And yes, that is  Dinghy-the-Sailor-Cat mewing sweetly!

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Audio Podcast

A Glistening Particles Podcast

Here is a fun, free-flowing conversation with Jane Ellen of Glistening Particles fame.  The episode, called, “Heather the Student of the Great Atlantic Teacher,” is about Ocean of Insight, marriage, advocacy, climate change, Buddhism, the book tour, and more!

Listen here to my conversation with Jane Ellen

Author Readings from Ocean of Insight

In this reading from Ocean of Insight, we are on Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay. This excerpt is from Chapter 5 ETHICS.

Ocean of Insight p.118. Tangier Museum