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Nature is teaching us everything we need to know about ourselves and the workings of the natural world. Can we hear her instruction?

With uncommon exposure to the wilderness during my six-year Atlantic voyage, having explored death-defying and life-affirming events through the lenses of Eastern Philosophy and ecological science, I now share stories and insights designed to entertain as they inspire confidence, hope, understanding, and Earth-healing action. My richly layered message is plainly spoken, relevant, and timely.

“The reality of our connection is a new story for the whole of civilization, and operating from the wisdom of relatedness is a radical act. It is the stuff of peaceful revolution and lasting transformation.”

–Heather Lyn Mann, Ocean of Insight

In keynotes, workshops, and retreats, I offer experiential learning (guided meditation, directed sharing, and more) on a range of topics, including: Mindful Advocacy, Sailing as a Spiritual Act, and Earth as Teacher. With humor, I give audiences new insights and practical ways to apply inner-knowing to real world situations, immediately.

“Understanding humankind’s malaise and deep unhappiness as a root cause of global warming, we step onto the path leading to happiness. Put another way, happiness is an antidote to climate change.”

Arm chair adventurers, spiritual seekers, and the climate concerned discover who they are in the universe, how to be, and what to do to help all beings live happy, safe, and free.


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