Reading Groups & Self Study

Free Guide

Here is a downloadable READING GROUP STUDY GUIDE for Ocean of Insight to support your book club discussions or meditation and  journaling practices.  This is your chance to talk about and reflect upon lessons from the “Great Atlantic Teacher” in your life.

Click here for your reading-study-guide


I Can Visit Your Book Club 

Did your group read Ocean of Insight? Would you like me to visit with your group for an hour via Skype or Google Hangouts to get some background on the writing and share your reactions? Follow these five simple steps and let’s see if we can connect. I’d love it!

  1. To start, send me your name and email address in the contact boxes below, along with a request to have me visit with your group. Don’t forget to paint a general picture about your group in a couple of sentences: who you all are, where you meet, why you decided to read this book—that kind of thing. I’ll get back to you when I get your message and we’ll see if our schedules can mesh.
  2. A day or two before, set up the audio and video connections you will use for the meeting and—together we will quick-check the connection. (Note, things run smoothest during meetings with two event leaders—one person serves as host and the other manages the electronics.)
  3. Day of, let your group warm up and relax for 15 minutes to get the conversation rolling without me. In particular, the host should encourage people
    1. not to feel inhibited by the technology or the author
    2. to take a moment to candidly share their reactions to the book with each other, and
    3. to brainstorm a few questions they’d like to ask the author
  4. After we connect, the host should be prepared to ask the first few questions raised by the group.
  5. Enjoy the conversation!