Ocean of Insight Early Endorsements


Bill McKibben, author Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

Staying mindful amidst the traumas of a rapidly heating world is hard but necessary work, and in this engaging and powerfully-written sea saga, Heather Lyn Mann provides some very useful testimony about how (and why) we should proceed!


Bhikshu Thich Chan Phap Dung, Dharma Teacher of the Plum Village Tradition

An authentic and exciting adventure of oceanic and psychological depth that each one of us should venture on at least once in our lifetime…. She shows us that with the practice of mindfulness, one can find coolness for oneself and thus can help find coolness for the Earth.


Carolyn Rivers, Founder and Director, The Sophia Institute

Ocean of Insight is a compelling story of ecological mindfulness and expanded awareness of an evolving human consciousness that has the capacity to bring forth healing and transformation. You can’t help but be changed for the better for having read this book.


Mary Pipher, author The Green Boat: Reviving Ourselves in our Capsized Culture

Mann’s Work is a combination of Buddhist philosophy, ecology, adventure travel, and science. She’s an excellent storyteller and a powerful advocate for Mother Earth. Her writing makes me think of Annie Dillard and Barbara Kingsolver. She also does the healing work of Joanna Macy.


Mark Pillsbury, editor, Cruising World

Heather Lyn Mann proves herself a deft navigator as she leads us through the many journeys–both real and spiritual–that unfold in Ocean of Insight. The writing is lively and the sea stories compelling, but what I found most remarkable was how her adventures and lessons learned on a tumultuous sea steer her toward hope in confronting her own fears and concerns for our planet and our future, which, as she notes, has yet to be determined.


A Handful of Reader Reviews


L. Davis

Mann’s book takes on an entirely new and urgent importance in a post-Irma world. I urge you to read this book and buy a copy for a friend. This book needs to be read, shared, and discussed.

W. Matthews

Irma’s eye went right over the top of us on September 6th. I was alone on the oceanfront property during the entire time–reading Ocean of Insight. It was the scariest time of my life and your book put me in a perspective which allowed for a bit of solace as the 185 mph winds gusting to 220 mph whirled around my house….each time another gust would pound my doors I would just get deeper and deeper into your writings.

Captain Gurley

Didn’t want it to end. Excellent read. Great stories and understanding of our earth and how to care for her. I enjoyed the mix of sailing experiences shared and the tie into understanding the sea/earth.

L. Ambrose

Reading this book is kind of like sailing. Sometimes you’re cruising along in a light breeze. Other times, you’re fighting for your life in a gale. The pace is delightful. It’s a travelogue of sailing adventures exploring fascinating places–a primer on Buddhist philosophy–and a hard look at the effects of climate change. It leaves one thinking, long after the reading stops, because some of the concepts are life changing. I find myself viewing everyday challenges differently now, and that’s a tribute to the content.


Leaves you thinking, in a good way. Every time I think I am done processing Heather Mann’s book, “Ocean of Insight” , I am wrong. Heather is such a skillful writer that she carried me along, had me learning, reflecting and thinking in a relaxing manner and now that I have finished the book I am left to expand my thoughts. I was grateful to go along on her adventure, one that I have no experience with. Her descriptive writing put me right there with her….I recommend this book to any reader that wants to open up their minds to the impact humans are having on our planet, any that want to take a unique and brave adventure, and all those that practice or are interested in mindfulness.


I had the joy of attending a meditation group that author, ecologist, and Buddhist practitioner Heather Lyn Mann recently guest-led. Mid-session, I could tell that this book was exactly what I needed to be reading right now. And it was, which is why I spent a month with it…. She’s an excellent role model for any social justice activist! I am grateful for this book and I’m sure I’ll turn back to it – and the meditations in it – often.

W. Hammerstrom

Navigating personal and global transformations. I’ve become complacent with age and depressed by life changes I don’t understand. Ocean of Insight is a book that challenges me to venture from shores of safety toward goals beyond horizons of my knowledge, experience, and spirit. Heather Lyn Mann navigates readers through traumatic and dangerous situations to enable personal and global sea-change transformations.


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