Video Recordings

Unitarian Church, Charleston, SC

On  April 22, 2018, I was honored to present the Earth Day Homily at the beautiful and historic Unitarian Church in Charleston, SC. Filmmaker Katy Roberts produced this twenty-three-minute video of the sermon.

Click here to view “Falling in Love with Earth”


Dear Park Monastery, Escondido, CA

This video–recorded at the Earth Holder Retreat in April, 2016–is a panel discussion exploring mindful advocacy and self care.   I am grateful to David Nelson for filming the conversation and making it available to others.

Deer Park Monastery, Escondido, CA

This workshop, also from the Earth Holder Retreat in April, 2016, is about Earth Holder Sangha Building. It explores the nuts and bolts of assembling communities of cooperation and communication to better protect and heal earth.  Filmmaker David Nelson recorded this conversation, too.




Mindful Resistance: Rescue the Planet (and Ourselves) 

Healing the planet is healing ourselves. Tune into this free Parallax Press webinar with Thanissara Weinberg and me to learn how to put mindfulness practice to work for profound self care and compassionate and effective action.

Click here to watch and listen.




The Voyage from Despair to Hope: Resilience and Mindful Advocacy in 2017

Come aboard for this discussion as I reveal the Great Atlantic’s lessons on fearlessness, impermanence, and bringing a beginner’s mind to our collective climate advocacy in 2017. This webinar was recorded in conversation with Steven Low of Parallax Press on January 19, 2017.

Click here to watch and listen.  




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