What do #Buddhism, #Sailing, and #ClimateChange have in common?

On Wednesday February 12 at Madison’s Downtown Library, I will share adventures from my six-year journey sailing the Atlantic. Join me for a physical and spiritual voyage aboard a 45′ sloop as we confront fear, run our ship aground, discover power in action, tour communities on the brink of extinction, awaken inner knowing, nearly collide with freighters, witness divine wisdom, survive a pirate scare, find treasure in pockets of hope, and issue a Mayday. Hear what the Caribbean Natural Resource Managers have to say about climate change. Melt in the sunshine of Caribbean imagery. Dive into excerpts from my book-in-the-works–Ocean of Insight: A Memoir on a Fluid Planet.

This presentation is generously sponsored by the Four Lakes Chapter of the Sierra Club. I hope to see you there, mate!

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3 thoughts on “What do #Buddhism, #Sailing, and #ClimateChange have in common?

  1. I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this talk last Wed. night. I appreciated hearing you stories…thanks for sharing them. I feel like I’ve recently been awakened to some things. It seems like Ihave to remind myself to “eat the strawberry” quite a bit lately. Another thing I connected with in your talk was that although action is needed in response to things happening in our environment… a problem can never be solved without getting to the root of it…the causation and this is why I feel the meditation is anything but trivial.

  2. Hi..my name is Heather. I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your talk last Wed night. I feel like I’ve been awakened to a lot lately. I’ve had to remind myself to “eat the strawberry a lot lately. Anyway, something I connected with in the talk was the idea that although action is needed, no problem can be solved without getting to the root of it…the causation. This is why the meditation seems anything but trivial to me. Just started meditating myself and would like to learn more. Thank you for sharing your stories.

    1. Heather–I’m glad you enjoyed the talk. How wonderful that you’re waking to so much; I know the process can be uncomfortable but nourishment is everywhere when you know to look. Keep looking and congratulations on your journey!

      Madison has a number of places where you can learn more. I practice with Snowflower Sangha in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. You can learn more about this community’s meetings and practice forms at snowflower.org. But perhaps another tradition speaks to you? There are many paths. I encourage you to pick one for support and care.

      Fair winds–Heather

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