Events: Speaking & Teaching

Events: Speaking & Teaching


The Sophia Institute,, October 5-7, 2017

 Hurricane Irma, the third storm to set the region awash in as many years, flooded both streets and emotions. Many are waking up to a new, wet reality. Some have feelings of powerlessness and despair, others are confused, and still more are organizing a response. But none of us are alone; the cumulative effects of environmental destruction are global. The whole of humanity is reckoning with more than a political, economic, scientific, and technological challenge; we are experiencing a spiritual crisis, one demanding—if a future is to be possible—an unprecedented, compassionate response from our highest and best selves.  It’s time to ask not only, “Who will fix this?” and “How much will it cost?” but “What can I do to bring lasting safety and healing to my community and the world?”

For 3-days, the Sophia Institute will host environmental professionals, spiritual seekers, and the climate concerned in programs that manifest our best selves and promote lasting safety and healing in greater Charleston.

  • Thursday, October 5th—participate in a private screening and Q&A featuring the film WALK WITH ME. Experience the transformational journey of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and learn how one man transformed his fear for humanity by choosing a profoundly different way forward. Pre-order tickets at
  • Friday, October 6th—learn more about this alternative way of being and doing that turns suffering into compassionate action by joining Heather Lyn Mann at the opening session of Mindful Advocacy for Personal and Community Resilience.
  • Saturday, October 7th—dive deep into the workings of Mindful Advocacy through instruction, guided meditation, exercises, and personal sharing. Learn to transcend your own and others’ entrenched positions with deep looking, skillful communication and the energy of fierce compassion. Participants will take-home a Mindful Advocacy Plan (MAP)—a personally crafted blueprint to enhance inner and outer resilience in daily life.

Each day there will be opportunity to talk with organizers of Higher Ground—rising to meet our environmental crisis (working title). This collaborative, newly convened by the Sophia Institute, envisions our region as a beacon of light where residents live, work, and play in harmony with earth’s natural, life-sustaining systems and beings. Spiritual and thought leaders, scientists, artists, and others are mobilizing a community of Groundbreakers because it is urgent for greater Charleston to take a profoundly compassionate pate forward—one that stops contributing to sea level rise and environmental harm now.

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