A Better World

“If my description of a Story of Interbeing, a reunion of humanity and nature, self and other, work and play, discipline and desire, matter and spirit, man and woman, money and gift, justice and compassion, and so many other polarities seems idealistic or naive, if it arouses cynicism, impatience, or despair, then please do not push these feelings aside. They are not obstacles to be overcome (that is part of the old Story of Control). They are gateways to our fully inhabiting a new story, and the vastly expanded power to serve change that it brings.”

Charles Einsenstein, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

We manifest a better world here and now by living in such a way that our life becomes our message. Practicing fearlessness, we transform ourselves, embody our deepest values, and behave in ways that create the world we hope for “someday” in this very moment.

May what we do in this and every present moment bring to life a world in which:

  • humankind is humbled by reverence for life
  • laws of nature shape the laws of people
  • debts of wealthy nations get repaid to the poor
  • rights to clean air, soil, and water become universally unalienable
  • each human community possesses self-representation and self determination
  • corporations have limited, revocable privileges
  • ecocide is prohibited
  • each of us enjoys a sense of  belonging to a human and natural community
  • we measure true wealth in the frequency of our smile and the depth of our relationships

This it the world I live into. I do my best to see the truth of society’s current reality and act in the direction of what is beautiful, good and true. I invite you to join me in manifesting tomorrow’s better world today.

Making a better world requires personal transformation. Learn more here.

Making a better world requires skillful action. Learn more here.

NOTE: the above description of a better world is informed by the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Gary Snyder, and Pope Francis;  “A Declaration of Rights for Future Generations”–a document initiated by the 2012 Women’s Congress for Future Generations; and by personal reflection.

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