You are Not Alone

Friends, The burden of saving and weaving together new cloth from the unraveling of society and the environment is heavy, too hard for one person to carry. See that you are part of a diaspora of like-minded souls taking action around the world. Unite with other caring individuals in your…

#Dharma Talk: the #Paramita of #Ethics

Dear Friends, We can create happiness in ourselves and those around us by observing, studying, and practicing the Buddhist teachings on the Paramitas--the six qualities of an enlightened being that transform suffering. In this Dharma Talk, I explore the Parimita of Ethics. Each of us possesses the qualities of transformation,…

The #ForumOnReligionandEcology at #Yale

The Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology explores religious worldviews and the insight they offer into complex environmental concerns. Here, conferences, publications and a website unite spiritual wisdom with the disciplines of science, economics, and public policy to create comprehensive solutions to local and global environmental challenges.
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