Workshops & Retreats


In book talks, lectures, and retreats I share stories from my time at sea and explore the themes of mindful advocacy, spiritual ecology, self care,  and earth holding and protecting. Here are a few offering descriptions.

Mindful Advocacy: Recovering Our Humanity for True Sustainability

Social and environmental justice professionals are called to our line of work because there is something in society we cannot abide. the work is personal to us (often inspired by a broken heart) and we are determined to create change. But, the nature of our passion carries risk. In time, it can damage our health, relationships, and effectiveness. Alternatively, Mindful Advocacy-0-a form of engagement rooted in compassion, insight, and ethical actions–enhances personal resilience and creates not simply change but lasting individual and societal transformation. The practice of Mindful Advocacy has the power to create the world we hope for “some day” in the here and now.

Falling in Love with Earth

Exploring nature as teacher, we will diagnose the deep, underlying causes of climate disruption and take steps to transform our fear, anger, craving, and delusion of separation in order to remove wrong perceptions and help others do the same. We will explore a path to reconcile ourselves with those we believe are creating harm. Our time includes guided meditation, and conversation about humankind’s impermanent and inter-dependent relationship with our life-giving planet.

Ecological Mindfulness–the Art of Leaning in and Letting Go

Stepping into the path of spiritual ecology, we learn to come home to this present moment to feel nourished by the beauty, safety, and goodness of our generous planet and cultivate fresh insights and healing. Also, we discover our true place in the universe. Practicing the art of simultaneously leaning in and letting go, we approach challenges with “beginner’s mind”–an essential skill if we are to rise to the challenges of our time with the creativity of an artist and the fierceness of a warrior.


Some Photos from Past Events

Tidal Uprising at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Charleston, SC (2017)






The first Earth Holder Weekend at Deer Park Monastery Escondido, CA, April (2014)

Questions from participants at the John Muir Sierra Club event in Madison, WI (2015)

Co-leading with Rev. angel Kyodo Williams the Community Dharma Leaders Retreat–fourth cohort– in Chicago (2014)
Hosting an Earth Holder Day of Mindfulness with SnowFlower Sangha, Wisconsin (2013)


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