Announcing the New Earth Holder Sangha


The Plum Village Community formed the Earth Holder Sangha to care for our precious planet
The Plum Village Community formed the Earth Holder Sangha to care for our precious planet

I am pleased to announce the establishment of the Earth Holder Sangha in the Plum Village tradition. This initiative, developed by more than 25 lay and monastic Order of Interbeing members over the last eight months, is launching first in North America during the Miracle of Mindfulness Tour.  The Founding Sangha Document can be viewed here .

In 1970, Thay, Sister Chan Khong and their friend Alfred Hassler organized the largest environmental meeting ever held. 2200 scientists met in Menton, in Southern France, to address the interlocking issues of war, poverty, overpopulation and environmental destruction. Thay was asked to offer the conference theme, and he chose Dai Dong, The Great Togetherness.  The Menton Message , a declaration coming out of that conference, was eventually signed by 5000 scientists and government leaders. Our Earth Holder Sangha is helping to continue and further realize Thay’s and Sister Chan Khong’s 1970 vision, with our mission of:  Awakening a Great Togetherness to Bring Transformation and Healing to Earth. 

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To learn more or to contribute, visit  our Newsletter & Blog, our Facebook Page and our Twitter Account.  All three, of course, are just getting active, so you’ll be helping build momentum by adding your voice.

Hope to see you all on the Miracle of Mindfulness Tour. I will be attending all three English-speaking retreats beginning with the event at Blue Cliff Monastery next week.


Heather Lyn Mann, True Lotus Peace

CTC Coordinator for the Earth Holder Sangha

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