Outdoor Morning Meditation #1

Outdoor Morning Meditation #1

Earth is filled with sound. Can the symphony of sound surrounding us in each and every moment teach us something about who and what we are? To find out, try this guided meditation of outdoor discovery.

Find a comfortable place to be outside. Sit with a stable and upright posture. Close your eyes. Calm your body. Bring your awareness to the sensation of your breathing.


Breathing in, I smile to my in-breath

Breathing out, I smile to my out-breath

In, smile

Out, smile  [Continue for ten breaths].


Breathing in, I listen to the sounds of earth, here and now

Breathing out, I hear the sound of my earth body

In, listen to earth

Out, hear my earth-body  [Ten breaths].


Breathing in, I notice earth’s non-human sounds

Breathing out, I notice earth’s human sounds

In, non-human sounds

Out, human sounds  [Ten breaths].


Breathing in, I witness earth waking up

Breathing out, I welcome all earth’s sounds without judgment

In, witness

Out, welcome  [Ten breaths].


Breathing in, I observe my thoughts and judgments about what I hear

Breathing out, I release thoughts and judgments

In, thoughts and judgments

Out, release  [Ten breaths].


Breathing in, I look deeply into the origin of each sound

Breathing out, I see each sound is made of earth

In, look deeply

Out, earthly origin  [Ten breaths].


Breathing in, I become earth’s sounds

Breathing out, earth’s sounds become me

In, becoming sound

Out, sound becoming me  [Ten breaths].


Breathing in, earth’s music is teaching

Breathing out, earth’s music is nourishing

In, teaching

Out, nourishing  [Ten breaths].




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